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Dialogues of the Travelers

Dialogues of the Travelers coverAn edgy, off-beat sequence of 18 short musicals linked with brief musical interludes, exploring the subject of travel (in every sense of the word). Read about the play and the cast. Performed at the Daryl Roth 2 and the Kirk Theatre, Theatre Row.
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Enron, the Musical

Enron, the Musical cd coverA satire about Carol, a brilliant but unsophisticated young woman, who must wrestle with the choice between blowing the whistle on Enron and protecting the new love of her life. Performed at the Studio Theatre, Theatre Row.
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Shades of Summer

A drama, interlaced with music by Chopin, which follows the course of the love affair between George Sand and Chopin over the seven summers they spent together.
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The Art of Being Oscar

The Art of Being Oscar cd coverA musical that traces the lifeline of Oscar Wilde – his life force, and the force field that he generated around him – and celebrates his wit, his genius, and his joy. Performed at The Liederkranz Foundation, Heckscher Theatre, and Florence Gould Hall.
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Love Sick cd coverA rock opera that follows the bizarre quest of Paul, a young man stricken with severe lovesickness, to find a cure.
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CD cover for MoneyA musical adaptation of Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s 1840 play dealing with the timeless theme of the effect of money on human behavior, especially in families.
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Wyndham Lewis: The Enemy

An intense one-man show in which Wyndham Lewis, the brilliant 20th century painter and writer, recounts the course of his life – through success and failure, facing war and fleeing from it – and his friendships (and enmities) with brilliant men, including T.S. Eliot, Hemingway, James Joyce, Ezra Pound, and Ford Maddox Ford.

The Family Guest

A drama about a family in which the older daughter is ignored, neglected, and finally rejected due to deep-seated prejudices, with disastrous consequences.

Lives of a Woman

A musical that follows the emotional evolution of a woman – from being cared for as a child by her mother to caring for her dying mother.

States of Confinement: A Quartet

Four one-acts about groups of people trying to function in confined and restrictive circumstances: six foreigners in a remote bar, four geniuses in a conference room, a string quartet in jail, and two isolated children and their neglectful mother.


    PRODUCTION: Piano Concerto & Fantasia on Celtic Themes