Film: Currently in the Works


This comic family drama follows Martin, who was deprived of his mother at a young age, as he struggles to face visiting her for the first time, to get her released from the asylum where she has been confined for 24 years, and to help her create a new life outside. Homes was a top ten finalist in Creative Screenwriting's AAA Screenplay Contest, a Quarter Finalist in Writer's Network Screenplay Compeition, American Zoetrope Screenplay Contest, and Fade In Magazine Screenplay Competition.

Western Waters

For almost 50 years, General James Wilkinson, as greedy, duplicitous, and dishonest as he was charming, talented, and charismatic, interacted with the key people and events of early American history – presidents, generals, patriots, traitors, and explorers (including Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Madison, Burr, Benedict Arnold, and Meriwether Lewis) over the course of three wars. He unabashedly embezzled funds, pursued military glory, and conspired to seize a vast part of the U.S. territory while acting as Commander of the U.S. Army. All this led to trials, court martials, madness, and finally death in a Mexican opium den. This screenplay was a Quarter Finalist in the Writer's Network Screenplay Competition and in the Top Ten Percent in the BlueCat Screenplay Competition.



    PRODUCTION: Piano Concerto & Fantasia on Celtic Themes